From 24th to 26th March, the project’s partners met in Italy for the TPM 3

From 24th to 26th of March, the project’s partners met in Italy for a coordination meeting which has been hosted by Travelogue APS

Some months ago we carried out a project coordination meeting in Italy.
After the first coordination meeting that we had to hold online due to the restrictions from Covid-19, we finally returned to meet in attendance, this time in Perugia, a few kilometers from Marsciano, the headquarters of Travelogue APS.
We planned the blended mobilities for adult learners that have been hosted by Iniciativa Internacional Joven in Malaga last May and by Travelogue APS in Marsciano in June.
We started to select our learners and to organise the learning activities that have been held online and during the mobilities.
Not all partners attended the meeting in presence, so we had a total of 6 participants on site (AIIJ, Travelogue APS and GOAL) and the contact persons of the other organizations connected via streaming.
During the meeting the following aspects have also been discussed:
  • Presentation of the elearning platform created in this website and the website;
  • Guidelines for using the platforms;
  • Blended mobility for adult learners in Spain and Italy: duration, dates, budget and contents; contribution of the group leaders;
  • Selection and preparation of adult learners, planning of mentoring and preparation activities;
  • Monitoring and evaluation of the project implementation;
  • Financial management of the project;
  • Evaluation of the meeting and delivery of certificates of attendance

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