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Go-Woman Alliance CIC (GOAL) was established in 2011 as a social enterprise which seeks to address social exclusion and increase innovation amongst minority ethnic communities. A minority-led organisation, their specialism lies with working with disadvantaged communities, including migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, women and young people.

GOAL also utilises their expertise in the field of social innovation and enterprise to help organisations develop their strategic and operational capabilities and work towards a quality standard that will help organisations to be ‘fit for purpose’.

Their core specialism lies with working with disadvantaged communities, including ethnic minority women and young people predominately from the South Asian community. Their work in this area has involved the management, development and delivery of innovative programmes to overcome language and cultural issues faced by these minority groups and the creation of innovative social business models to provide employment and income opportunities.

GOAL contributes to European projects where it shares its good practices, including participating in projects looking at barriers to employment for ‘hard to reach’ groups including women. GOAL is specifically involved in creating tools to support these groups to overcome the unique and individual barriers they face. In 2013, GOAL was successful in securing 2 European projects through Leonardo and Grundtvig programmes, The Development of Skills Training ran in Enterprises by Vocational Schools and Internet Technology for Disadvantage People where disadvantage groups, identified in the local community, participated in activities to improve their ability to use digital technology, communication tools or networks to locate, evaluate, use and create information. The project looked at best practices in partner countries on digital inclusion and promote use of ICT to overcome exclusion.

Since 2017 GOAL has been involved in Erasmus projects, looking at promoting and championing enterprise for migrant women, enabling them to access the labour market through Empowerment Through Enterprise (ETE) and Through Enterprise (TRUE) projects.

In 2017, GOAL was a lead partner in Accessibility and Inclusion for Migrants’ (AIM) project to increase the number of VET institutions which go beyond procedural accessibility to achieve full, proactive inclusion, to give more migrants the best possible opportunity to access VET and achieve outcomes comparable with native-born students.

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