ACD La Hoya is Spanish Cultural and Sport association based on the principles of cooperation, integration, environment protection, solidarity, humanity and universal human values and promotes an environment in which the community will be able to create, think, realize their ideas and build positions and reactions on important issues.

It develops activities in the rural community as art, sport and culture, also dedicated to the successful implementation and participation of European projects to bring the youth and senior Europe closer.

The main aim is to give the community possibilities to spend their time (sport, arts, workshops, culture, Europe), to support bottom up initiatives of the community, improve social work and facilitate the integration of young and adult people into society especially those of rural areas by involving them in our work, and encouraging their creative spirit that helps increasing youth and adult participation in both local community and society in general.

The organization is divided in 4 areas:

  • SPORT;
  • ART;

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