• Running dates: October 2020 – September 2022 (24 months)
  • Programme: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic partnership for the Exchange of good practices in Adult Education
  • Agreement number: 2020-1-IT02-KA204-079508



The project aims to develop key competences in adult population and to strengthen the network of actors in the field of adult education, training and career guidance in the participating territories, in order to favor the social and professional fulfillment and inclusion of disadvantaged adults.


  • To raise the quality of adult learning, directly involving at least 36 participants (disadvantaged adults between 35 and 50 years old) in international learning experiences to strengthen their skills and Key Competences in a creative, innovative, non-formal learning environment;
  • To promote the inclusion of people at risk of social exclusion, fostering their self-esteem and autonomy, strengthening the attitude to lifelong learning and social development of 36 adults through experiences exchange with those coming from different contexts;
  • To develop key competences of the staff of the partner organisation, sharing methodologies, tools and good practices for adult social and professional inclusion;
  • To develop a more integrated information system in lifelong learning, guidance, training and job opportunities offered to adult population and increase the knowledge of EU Programs for adults;
  • To stimulate an open mind, intercultural exchange and intergenerational dialogue in at least 100 adults, fostering the development of their social skills and active participation to society.


  • Adult people between 35 and 50 years old: Participants in the blended mobilities and participants in project local activities
  • Staff of the partner organizations: Mentors, educators, career guidance professionals, facilitators, adult education specialists, trainers in non formal activities, advisors, coordinators, experts, etc., which will take part also to the joint-staff training events


3 Transnational project meetings and final conference

4 Training courses (2 for staff and 2 for adult learners)

Local activities:

  • Diagnosis and analysis of situation of adult education and career guidance services for adults over 35 in the partner countries;
  • Identification and collection of good practices in the field of adult education and career guidance for adults over 35;
  • Mentoring activities for adult learners for the self assessment of their skills and analysis of learning needs;
  • Selection of participants for the blended mobilities and online and in presence preparatory activities for the mobilities;
  • Evaluation of the blended mobilities;
  • Collection of blended mobilities’ products;
  • Visibility event in each partner country after the blended mobilities.


  • Multilingual project website for sharing good practices and project’s results;
  • Booklet with diagnosis and analysis of situation, identification and collection of good practices in the field of adult education and career guidance for adults over 35;
  • Business plan/professional paths for adult learners over 35.
  • Video Vademecum for active participation and active job search for adults over 35: a video guide that summarizes the main tips for job search, through animated graphics and writings.