TC2: Second short-term joint staff training event in Prague

The second training meeting for the staff of the partner organisations of the project “RE-IN-JOB- Non-formal education for adult social inclusion and re-employment” was held in Prague from 22 to 24 November. The project is co-funded by the program Erasmus+ of the European Union and aims at the labor integration of disadvantaged people. GLAFKA s.r.o., the partner organization from Czech Republic, hosted on this occasion the other partners of the project from Spain, France, United Kingdom and Italy, who met in these 3 days of training. The differentfields of theorganisations that take part in the project allowed a comparison and an exchange of constructive experiences also regarding the different responses to the daily problems that the organisations themselves and their beneficiaries have to face. The intercultural exchange, therefore, has led to an enrichment in both practical and value terms. During the training the work was carried out through the methodology of the exchange of good practices and of the “group work” in order to favour a continuous interaction between the participants and the acquisition of new knowledge to be applied in the professional field.


The participants were 2 from Travelogue APS, AIIJ and GOAL!CIC, 1 from DEVMED and ACD LA HOYA, 2 from GLAFKA, for a total of 10 participants. They were members of the staff or volunteers of the participant organizations working in adult education, vocational training and guidance, educators, career guidance professionals, peer counselors.


The aim of this activity is to develop staff competences, exchanging good practices and methodologies, and exploring digital tools for career guidance in the field of adult education, useful to lead adult target group to an adequate professional and social inclusion opportunity.


  • Methodologies and good practices for mentoring activities;
  • How to support the self-reflection and learning process of adult people;
  • How to encourage lifelong learning and active citizenship of adult target groups;
  • Digital tools for career guidance professionals;
  • Sharing digital tools and useful tips for searching learning/training/job opportunities in EU and submit a successful application for adult learners.



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