TC1: First short-term joint staff training event

Due to travel restrictions still in place for the Covid-19 pandemic, the first short-term joint staff training event of our project (TC1) was organised online for 5 days, from June 1 to 5, 2021, by Go-Woman! Alliance Community Interest Company, located in Birmingham (UK).
The activity was addressed to the staff of the participant organizations and was carried out in the second semester of the project development. The learning activity represented an important opportunity for the staff to develop their skills, combining methodology, theoretical, practical and experiential learning with the field observation of colleagues working in Adult Education.


The participants were 3 from Travelogue APS, AIIJ and GOAL!CIC, 4 from DEVMED, 2 from GLAFKA and ACD LA HOYA, for a total of 14 participants. They were members of the staff or volunteers of the participant organizations working in adult education, vocational training and guidance, educators, career guidance professionals, peer counselors.


The aim of this activity was to develop staff competences, exchanging good practices and methodologies, and exploring metholodogies and tools for career guidance in the field of adult education, useful to lead target group, especially belonging to vulnerable groups, to an adequate professional and social inclusion opportunity, supporting also entrepreneurship.


  • Methodologies and tools for working with target groups at risk of social exclusion (women, migrants, long term unemployed women, cultural differences, people with social disadvantage, minorities, etc…);
  • Methodologies and good practices for mentoring activities;
  • How to support the self-reflection and learning process of adult people;
  • How to encourage lifelong learning and active citizenship;
  • Activities and tools to develop entrepreneurship competence in adult learners;
  • How to support self-entrepreneurship;
  • Tools for adult re-employment: the professional path and the business plan.


Day 1

  • Introduction by the host
  • Introduction by participants: your name, what you do in your current role, what is your role in this project, what are you expecting to get out of this training
  • Overview of GOAL
  • Outline of the TC1 training programme
  • Breakout session:
    – How do you help people find employment or set up business?
    – Financial support / benefit support
  • Feedback from workshop
  • Overview of UK system / tools
    – Good practices
    – Preparation 4 Work
    – National Career Service / Job Centre
  • Unemployment support – financial / benefits / Career paths
    – Business Support

Day 2

What makes a good support programme?
Collection of good practices from each country.

Day 3

  • Welcome
  • Breakout session
    – What makes a good support programme – recap session 2
  • Feedback – key points
  • Community based learning (volunteering / role models)
  • Breakout session
    – Individual scenarios’
  • Feedback
  • External speaker
  • Q&A

Day 4

What resources are needed to create a good Business Plan.
Collection of good practices from each country.

Day 5

  • Welcome
  • Breakout session:
    – Business Plan
  • Feedback
  • Entrepreneurship project
    – ETE / TRUE projects
    – External speaker
    – Q&A
  • Case Study
    – UK case study
  • Breakout session 30 mins
    – Individual scenarios’
  • Summary / evaluation of TC1
  • Close


The activity was led by trainers and facilitators from Go-Woman! Alliance Community Interest Company.
During the online training, the participants have been involved in non-formal activities, group discussions, group works, workshops with specialists working in the field, external speakers and case studies. The added value of this learning activity consisted in the possibility to observe and experiment the methodology, tools and activities of colleagues working in a different country, improving technical and professional instruments to work with adult target group and consolidating their own skills.
The competences developed, the methodologies acknowledged and the tools and good practices shared will be directly applied with adult learners during the blended mobilities of adult learners which will be organised in Spain and Italy.


New methodologies and good practices for mentoring and career guidance activities acknowledged; methodologies and activities to encourage lifelong learning and active citizenship; activities and tools to support adult learners in the creation of their professional path and business plan.


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Preparation for Work

Preparation for Work – Kiran Zamir

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